Digi cm 32 with the rackable roamer/phantom

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first? configure your serial, 9600, 8n1 no flow control. the db9 hood is the same as the db9 hood going from any other digi port to a x86.

Next? start clean. hold down the 'Factory reset' button with a pin or something until the ready light goes off

root and the root password. The default root password is dbps.

Digi_CM_Device login: root                                                      

okay, now the thing is in. you can play with it, make telnet work, etc, etc, we'll fill that in later.

Now, 'configmenu' is one way to set it up.

2 serial ports

by deafault everything is

1  Port Title #1          CS         7001  Telnet RS232-9600-N-8-1-No  

and the thing we care about is rs232-9600-n-8-1-No; we aren't setting up the network right now.

• portaccessmenu: This menu allows the user to access the serial ports.

press 1, then root and dbps again, then assuming you plugged in the correct cable to port 1, you should be on the rackable remote access thingie.

hit ctrl-shift-6 and you should get a menu.

(note, this is the tricky part; the bios and the rackable have different speed settings.