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Cyclades TS series db9-rj45 adapter

This is for making a db9-rj45 adapter to connect a straight through 8 conductor cable (like an ethernet patch cable) from a server serial console to a cyclades ts series rj45 port. The wire colors in the adapter are taken from The wiring arrangement is taken from page 354 of the Cyclades TS series manual. In the manual, DTR is connected to DCD and DSR, but here DCD is not connected because its not possible to have a connection from one to multiple pins with these adapters. Hardware flow control should still work.

RJ-45 Side.	DB-9 Side
Pin	Color	Pin
1	Blue	8
2	Orange	6
3	Black	2
4	Red	5
5	Green	7
6	Yellow	3
7	Brown	n/c
8	White	4