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So You Wanna Administrate

Here's some handy commands for reference.

Need to know if a dom0 has sufficient RAM for a new user? Use xm info.

There is usually enough disk space, but if you need to find out anyway, you can use lvdisplay or vgdisplay will let you grab a new IP for a user. Make sure they're not configured with an IP already - this doesn't change anything except what Freeside thinks their IP is.

Lifeboat uses pmshell. The other conserver uses /usr/bin/console.

Need to upgrade a user? Modify their RAM in their /etc/xen/username configuration file, and add a new partition with their new space using lvcreate -C y -L $DISK_in_ -n ${LVNAME} ${DG}

e.g. lvcreate -C y -L 100M -n guests username_2nd

Don't forget to add their new disk to the config file.