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I, Luke Crawford, speaking for myself and as the owner of, Inc, pledge to do everything I can to keep the services running. To give this pledge some 'teeth' I am offering a SLA with service credits.

The SLA covers keeping your VPS up and reachable, including network connectivity to most of the internet (I need to better define 'most' here. My intent is to sell you internet connectivity. If the server is up and my upstreams are down, that doesn't do you much good. However, I don't intend to pay out every time your DSL [or another network provider that is not someone I contract with] goes down, or every time a boat cuts one of the transatlantic cables.)

To formalize this, I will guarantee 99.5% uptime - this means that if service is down for more than 3.6 hours in any given month, affected customers will get a service credit that is equal to 25% of what they paid for the month in which the SLA was not met. (Note, this is down from 100%, but also note, I do pay this out. Many customers actually have complained about not being billed... turns out it was that because of the service credits due to my mistakes, they owed no money. At my option, if the failure was especially bad I may increase this credit.)

My intent is to honor this guarantee even to customers who don't complain. (...and I think I have largely lived up to this intent.)